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Explore the potential of AI with me. I'm passionate about leveraging AI technologies to create innovative solutions.

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AI Consulting

Expert consultation on AI strategy and implementation.

Data Analysis

Advanced data analytics and insights.

Machine Learning Solutions

Custom machine learning models and solutions.

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Gen AI Website

This is a GEN AI project I did over a weekend to showcase my portfolio on the subject. I used free AI tools like chatGPT and Freepik to create the entire website. The chatGPT link can be found here.

Explore My Artistic World on Redbubble!

Discover unique designs on my Redbubble profile, where I've crafted an online t-shirt building shop using StarryAI and Freepik. Browse through my imaginative creations at and find the perfect piece that speaks to you!

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Data Analysis project

This is a prototype project where if the user uploads a data set in csv format and add instructions, it will provide a sample data analysis report

Google Powered AI chatbot

This is a chatbot for an imaginary e-commerce site Feel free to download the transaction list to test it yourself. It will talk to politely like a real human. e-Com Chatbot

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Conversation Bot

This is a prototype project where if the user makes a custom conversation with the AI Agent. In this case, the Agent is acting as a Financial Advisor. But it could be any role as required. Conversational Bot

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